Vitamin C Facial Peel (Vibran-c) - 2 Step Facial Peel + Activator System - For a Vibrant Radiant Complexion

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Facial peel.

Professional peel system brightens dull skin, encourages collagen production and dramatically resurfaces complexion and texture. Paraben-free.

Chemical Peels work very similarly to microdermabrasions. However, instead of removing the top layer of skin mechanically, a chemical solution, usually containing acid, is applied to the skin to peel of the dead layer of skin. Vitamin C has long been recognized as a powerful skin enhancer. It is used in many anti-aging and face clearing products. Our Vitamin C peel utilizes the powerful properties of vitamin C to take off the top layer of skin and reveal newly maturing skin underneath. Vitamin C also penetrates deep into skin to help restore collagen production and elasticity.


Works well with:
Vitamin C Night Cream
Vitamin C Protection SPF 15
Vibran C Lip Treatment SPF 15

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