Firming Serum - Intensive Daily Treatment

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Firming Serum – Intensive Daily Treatment

An intensive daily treatment to improve brightness, firmness and resiliency of skin.

Firming Serum??Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Offers vital nutrients that improve skin functions.

Antioxidant vitamins help to protect cells from free radical damage.

Paraben free. 1 fl. oz. pump bottle.

Our serums consist of a unique blend of highly-concentrated medicinal plant extracts that get to the root of problem conditions. The serum is an intensive concentrate of the key ingredients needed when treating a particular skin condition. These concentrates may be used alone as a single treatment, or as the preliminary step to intensify and accelerate the effects of masques, day cremes or night cremes. They are all based with natural extracts derived from medicinal plants, nuts, seeds and exotic fruits – the most active ingredients in each of our skin care lines.


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